Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sungei Road laksa

Sungei Road laksa at Yuhua market.

GRACIOUS, Sungei Road laksa has travelled far and wide in Singapore. My last Google search yielded five such stalls -- two in the vicinity of Serangoon area where Sungei Road is -- one in Chinatown, one in Jurong East and another as far as Bedok!

The signature taste of the Sungei Road laksa which started out in a pot on a trishaw at Sungei Road, was its soup -- brewed over a charcoal fire. I am not sure whether this is still being done at all the five stalls.

I always thought that the one at Jalan Berseh is the real thing -- but somehow I always missed it and ended up eating some other stuff. I tried the one at Hong Lim in Chinatown, but it was only so so. It tasted ordinary to me, sad to say. Not so different from Katong's laksa.

Recently, I stumbled upon the one at Jurong East, at the Yuhua Market and Hawker Centre. There wasn't a queue at all. The soup was a little bland and thin. I guess I should stir it more because some tasty bits were at the bottom. I always liked those tasty bits which I think could be pounded hae bee (dried shrimps) and spices like ganlanga and lemon grass.

Well, maybe this is the old school taste after all. We could be too used to modern day laksa -- much richer and thicker soup -- compared to the prudent old days.


streetsing said...

Indeed the one at Jalan Berseh is the real deal. The stall run by the daughters now :) The laksa soup here is less " Lemak " compared to other stalls. Your post triggered my craving again ;)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Ok, I must really really try the Japan Berseh one then! Hum or no hum? 😄

streetsing said...

I recommend with "hum" since their turnover is high, freshness should not be an issue :)

Lo Tien Yin said...

Ya, Laksa must have hums😃

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